Agility Cone Drills For Field Hockey Players

Cone drills as a tool in speed and agility training Agility training

Improve Your Game with Agility Cone Drills

Field hockey is a fast-paced sport that requires players to have quick reflexes, agility, and speed. One effective way to enhance these skills is by incorporating agility cone drills into your training regimen. These drills not only improve your footwork but also enhance your overall performance on the field. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced player, agility cone drills can take your game to the next level.

The Importance of Agility in Field Hockey

Agility is a crucial aspect of field hockey as it allows players to change direction quickly, evade opponents, and maintain control of the ball. By incorporating agility cone drills into your training routine, you can enhance your ability to make sharp turns, accelerate, and decelerate effectively. These drills focus on improving your balance, coordination, and reaction time, which are all essential for success in field hockey.

Agility Cone Drill #1: Lateral Shuffle

The lateral shuffle is a fundamental agility cone drill that helps field hockey players develop quick lateral movements. Set up a line of cones approximately one yard apart. Start at one end of the line, facing sideways with your knees slightly bent. Shuffle laterally to the other end of the line, touching each cone with your hand. Focus on maintaining a low center of gravity and quick feet throughout the drill. Repeat this drill for several sets, gradually increasing your speed and intensity.

Agility Cone Drill #2: 5-10-5 Drill

The 5-10-5 drill is an excellent exercise for improving your acceleration and change of direction. Set up three cones in a straight line, with the first and third cones five yards apart and the middle cone ten yards away. Start by standing behind the middle cone. On the signal, sprint to the first cone, touch it, sprint to the third cone, touch it, and then sprint back to the middle cone. This drill simulates the quick changes of direction that often occur during a field hockey game.

Agility Cone Drill #3: Figure-Eight Drill

The figure-eight drill is a challenging yet effective agility cone drill that focuses on improving your coordination and balance. Set up two cones about five yards apart, forming a figure-eight shape. Start at one cone and move around the figure-eight pattern, weaving in and out of the cones. Focus on maintaining control and smooth transitions as you navigate the pattern. This drill helps develop your ability to change direction quickly while maintaining control of the ball.

Agility Cone Drill #4: Zig-Zag Drill

The zig-zag drill is an advanced agility cone drill that enhances your ability to maneuver through tight spaces and evade opponents. Set up a line of cones in a zig-zag pattern, approximately two yards apart. Start at one end of the line, facing forward. Sprint to the first cone, side shuffle to the second cone, backpedal to the third cone, and so on, until you reach the end of the line. This drill improves your agility, quickness, and reaction time, which are crucial for effective ball control.

Agility Cone Drill #5: T-Drill

The T-drill is a challenging agility cone drill that focuses on improving your ability to change direction quickly while maintaining proper body positioning. Set up four cones in a T-shape, with the top cone at the center and the other three cones forming the base. Start at the top cone, facing forward. Sprint to the first cone, side shuffle to the second cone, backpedal to the third cone, and then sprint back to the center cone. Repeat this drill for several sets, gradually increasing your speed and intensity.


Incorporating agility cone drills into your training routine is an effective way to enhance your performance on the field hockey pitch. These drills improve your footwork, balance, coordination, and reaction time, which are all essential for success in the game. By regularly practicing these drills, you can become a more agile and dynamic player, capable of making quick turns, evading opponents, and maintaining control of the ball. So, grab your cones and start incorporating agility cone drills into your training sessions today!

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